Balgarevo village
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Balgarevo village - Holiday summer villas for rent for beach vacations in Bulgaria

3 km from Bolata Beach 

Bаlgarevo village is located 6 km from Kavarna and 4 kilometers from the cape Kaliakra. In its center there are several grocery stores, restaurants, a pizzeria bar, a gas station with a car wash. Bulgarevo is well known and is a favorite destination of many tourists who prefer tranquility on the North Bulgarian Coast. A melon festival is held here every summer - Bulgarian melons are famous for their aroma and sweetness.

In front of almost every house on the main road in the village the owners offer their ecologically clean production of fruits and vegetables with wonderful taste.

Interest in the village community center represents the "National Leaders," where you can find a permanent ethnographic exhibition and an exhibition of photos from the area. Often on the square in the village are held folklore festivals with a lot of mood, songs and dances, which include tourists.

Near Balgarevo are holiday complex "Rusalka" mussel farm "Deep" with romantic restaurant perched right on the rocky coast; and the snail farm Eco-Telus with a Provencal restaurant, delicious delicacies and classy cosmetics, prepared from extracts of organically grown snails, is at the beginning of the village, to the right of the main road.

Only 3 km from the village of Balgarevo is the area Bolata - 6 km winding canyon with lush vegetation, caves and swamps, where rare birds nest, ending with a small beautiful bay near Cape Kaliakra. Bolata is one of the last unadulterated and pristine beaches on the Bulgarian coast. Bola's riots are a favorite place for fishing. The area is accessible by car almost to the beach.

The reserve "Cape Kaliakra" is remarkable - 7 km, rich in plant and animal species, which is why the village is included in the Bulgarian-Swiss environmental protection program.

The most famous legend about Cape Kaliakra is about the 40 Bulgarian girls who tied their hair together and threw themselves into the sea so as not to fall into the hands of the Ottoman enslavers. Now at the beginning of Cape Kaliakra there is an obelisk in their memory, called the Gate of the 40 Maidens.

Another legend related to the place is about St. Nicholas - the patron saint of sailors. The saint fled from the Turks and God extended the earthly firmness under his feet so that he could escape, thus creating the nose. He was eventually captured and now has a chapel built there, restored in 1993, symbolizing his grave. There was also a dervish monastery at this place during the Turkish rule, which is said to have preserved the relics of the Turkish saint Sara Sultuk.

The oldest legend is related to Lysimachus - one of the generals of Alexander the Great, who grabbed the royal treasure and fled to Cape Kaliakra. Dies in a great storm and the whole fleet sank to the scales of the nose. The ships of Russia and Turkey also sank in this area during the Russo-Turkish War.

Balgarevo is a village also known for its local population - "Gagauz". The origin of the Gagauz is judged by many different sources, but to this day there is no specific answer to what kind of people they are. The local population speaks a "modified" Turkish language, due to the fact that years ago, during the Turkish rule, the "Gagauz" were faced with a choice: whether to choose to accept the language of the conquerors, or to surrender their Christian faith. Bulgarians under pressure from the Turkish conquerors, adopted the language while retaining the most precious - the faith. Some customs are still preserved in the village. For example, still walking groups, carolers dressed in hooded cloaks, with decorated caps and shepherds crooks.

According to legend, the village was founded by 7 families. Their surnames are still preserved among the locals. The settlement was changed place. It was on its way to Kaliakra, but an epidemic broke out and it moved to its current location. It is also known by the following names: Syuyutlyuk (literally "willow") because of the willows that grew around the large fountain in the center, Gyaur suyuchuk ("Bulgarian village") - that's what the Turks called it.
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Villa Marna

Balgarevo village , Kavarna town
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Villa Delfin

Balgarevo village , Kavarna town
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