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Kavarna - information about the town and the region

Wonderful place to relax at sea - Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Kavarna is located on a rocky coast in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Kavarna is located 63 km northeast of Varna. The beautiful coast of Kavarna stretches for 42 km, and the total area of ​​the beaches in the municipality is 74 000 square meters. Spacious artificial beach has been created on the coast of Kavarna town. One of the symbols of the city is Cape Chirakman.

In the sea area of ​​Kavarna you can find several restaurants, small shops, cafe bar and disco. The center of Kavarna is only 3 km away, with well-stocked grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, a wonderful park with a children's playground.

The central beach of Kavarna is well maintained, with a wide sand strip, sun beds and umbrellas, as well as a free free zone, and next to it is free parking. There are several fast food outlets, a pizza and grill restaurant, cafes, grocery and beach items, baby goods and souvenirs in the central beach area.

Throughout the summer season in Kavarna and the region there are folklore festivals with international participation, the festival of amateur theaters, the traditional holiday of July 1 - July Morning, rock and pop music concerts, Beer and mussel festival at the Week of the Sea at the end of August, melon holiday in the village of Bulgarevo and others.

There are several large and well-stocked supermarkets in Kavarna, a bakery with delicious warm bread and snacks (at the traffic light), a fish market with fresh seafood, a restaurant with a wide variety of delicious home-cooked food - soups, dishes, desserts, an organic vegetable market , local people's production, meat and dairy eco shop.

Several restaurants and cafes operate in the city center, offering a variety of hot, cold drinks, shakes, non-standard fresh drinks, cocktails and sweet fantasies in the form of cakes and creams.

20 km from Kavarna in Balchik is the largest in Bulgaria Lidl /food shop/.

The traces of antiquity along the coast of Kavarna draw a cycle of turbulent life, conceived as early as the 3rd millennium BC. The city is an economic and cultural center during antiquity and the Middle Ages. This is evident from the surviving fortress walls, early Christian basilica, churches, buildings, coins, ornaments, Thracian treasure of gold applications, etc., which can be seen in the Maritime Museum every weekday. The museum is located to the right of the main road from the Complex to the center of Kavarna.

Cape Kaliakra and the fortress are 15 km to the north, Balchik and Tuzlata, famous for its mud mud - 20 km. The beautiful Bay of Bolata and Rusalka Beach are only 10 minutes drive from the Complex, in the village of Bulgarevo - 10 km, there is a snail farm with an attractive Provencal style restaurant for sale and cool cosmetics with snail extract grown In an environmentally friendly environment, 15 km for mussel lovers is the Deep Mussel Farm with a restaurant over the rocky shore. You can also visit the nearby Thracian Cliffs Golf Complex to experience the challenge of golf, to visit the restaurants with varied cuisine, or simply to enjoy the beautiful pristine beach.

In the region of Kavarna are some of the most picturesque beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Just 20 km from the town is the resort "Rusalka" with its beautiful rocky coast. Nearby is Cape Kaliakra - the easternmost point of the Bulgarian Black Sea. In one of the caves of Cape Kaliakra there is a museum where visitors can learn more about the history and development of Kaliakra Fortress over the years. Kaliakra is a natural and archeological reserve, there are many protected species on its territory, and remains of a fortress wall and a bath are preserved.

The nearby village of Kamen Bryag is popular with tourists as the place where Julian mornings are welcomed. In 2007, the vocals of Yurai Hip John Lawton sang the eponymous song of the sunrise band on the beach. Julay Morning is a Hippie custom, born in the era of socialism as a symbolic protest against the regime and as a holiday of free spirit and rock music.

2 km from the village of Kamen Bryag is the national archeological reserve "Yailata", where numerous archeological discoveries have been made. Three necropolises carved into the rocks and 101 cave dwellings dating back to the 5th millennium BC were discovered on an area of ​​300 acres. The Yailata is located between two sea terraces. It is believed that the bay between them was once used as a harbor, as many anchors were found along the bottom. The fortress in the area of ​​Yailata was built at the end of the 5th - the beginning of the 6th century AD, after that it was demolished and later in the 9th century a Bulgarian settlement emerged around it. The reserve is included in the Register of Protected Areas and Protected Areas of Bulgaria.

To the north of Kaliakra are two wetlands - Bolata and Taukliman (Bird's Bay). Interesting waterfowl nest here and some of the animal species are included in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria (list of endangered species in the country). These are some of the destinations in the country preferred by ornithologists.

Near Kavarna are also the villages of Bulgarevo, Shabla, Tyulenovo. Apart from its beautiful beaches and historical sites, Kavarna and the region attract tourists with traditional events such as "Miden and Fish Fest", "Week of the Sea", "Kavarna Rock Fest" and others.
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