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Holidays in Bulgaria, Byala town - information about the area

Byala is a popular vacation spot on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast . Located 60 km south of Varna city and 70 km north of Bourgas, the beach in Byala is one of the cleanest on the Black Sea. The combination of sea and mountain climate makes Byala a great place for relaxation. The town has excellent infrastructure appliances - well paved roads, parks, a hospital, bank, rent a car agencies, grocery, kids and beach shops, restaurants, cafes and fast food.

The northern beach of Byala is famous for its fine white sand and beautiful lagoons.

The central beach is the most preferred because it has many restaurants and fast food restaurants, water slides and other attractions. The beach has sun loungers and umbrellas for a fee, as well as a payment-free zone.

Nearby are the pristine beaches of Kara Dere - 5 km, and Herakli - 18 km.

Obzor, also known for its beautiful beach, shops, a wide variety of restaurants and clubs and many summer concerts, is only 7 km away.

In Byala you can immerse yourself in the late antiquity by strolling around the fortress of Cape St. Atanas. Its location is such that before your eyes there is a beautiful panorama of the sea and the coast left and right.

It was more than a fortress - it housed an entire port city whose visitors can imagine their lives thanks to the huge colorful panels with scenes from the past. The picture is complemented by several very well preserved parts of the city.

During the excavation of the fortress, a central street was discovered with shops, ateliers and drinking establishments, three ancient wineries and a mock-up of antique grapevine, a public bathroom, furnaces for the production of ceramic vessels, a church complex, residential buildings.

The city bath is also well preserved, which in antiquity, in addition to bathing, also served for healing, gossip exchange, dispute resolution, bargaining and small outpatient trading. One of the most impressive parts of the fortress in Byala is undoubtedly the Basilica.

The Fortress of Cape Atanas is located in the town of Byala, on the coast by the nose. It is open daily from 10am to 8pm.

5 km from Byala on the main road to Varna - in the village of Goritsa - on an area of 4,000 square meters with numerous alleys and wooden bridges for walking, as well as special observatories for viewing the predatory animals, a zoo has been created. All animals in it are raised freely in an environment as close as possible to their natural one. The working hours of the zoo are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. In the immediate vicinity of the zoo is the Gorica Restaurant, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks, traditional Bulgarian cuisine in an authentic setting and high-quality service.

From Byala to the south you can easily reach Cape Emine ( 25 km ) . The cape is amazingly beautiful and majestic, with its cliffs scattered in the sea and the magnificent view of the entire Black Sea coast north and south.

25 km to the north is located adventure waterpark Happylend, which offers attractions o us and thematic places where children come into the roles of the popular fairy tale and movie characters and have the opportunity to demonstrate various artistic abilities. Loved by kids and kids alike are the Dinosaur Zone, Pirate Island Tortuga and Lake with Waterfall, Merry Houses and Horror House, Picnic and Jungle Areas and many more. On the territory of the park there is a barbecue and fast food. There is a minibus and an express minibus from Burgas to Happylend every day through Byala.
BHC Holidays can offer you for rent self-catering apartments and villas with great location - beachfornt or 150 meters from the beach - in Byala. 

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