Holidays at the sea in Bulgaria
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Ravda - Holidays at the sea in Bulgaria

Ravda is located just a few kilometers from Nessebar and Sunny Beach.

There are many legends about the appearance of the village and the meaning of its name. Some of them say that around 1700 shepherds came here first and because of one of them the place was named after him - Ravadin. But the most romantic legend is that of the beautiful Ravdalina, in whom the god Neptune himself fell in love. He wanted to take her with him to the depths of the sea, but she refused. The enraged Neptune sent a water element to destroy the village, but the other gods intervened and spared the village. So instead of flooding everything, the huge waves crashed into the land and formed many beautiful bays.

Ravda is a favorite place for children, youth and student tourism. In summer there are sports schools for sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, rowing and swimming. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gifts of nature is Cape Ravda, which divides the beach into two bays. The first, called South Beach, is famous for its golden sand and entertainment conditions, and the second is a favorite of romantics looking for peace and quiet.

A person staying in Ravda can visit the holiday village of Elenite, the resort of Sveti Vlas and the beautiful Cape Emine - one of the two most remarkable capes of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, along with Cape Kaliakra to the north.

Ravda has several vast, beautiful and clean beach bays, reaching the neighboring Nessebar. The village offers various sports activities and guarded beaches with fine sand, beach umbrellas and sunbeds. The ecologically clean beach and wonderful air are an excellent condition for a quiet family vacation.

The village has a large number of taverns and beer bars, restaurants and taverns with international and Bulgarian cuisine, fish specialties. The town and the beach are full of fast food kiosks, there are also roadside caravans with soft drinks, beer and barbecue.

Permanent bus transport provides connection of Ravda with Bourgas, Nessebar and Sunny Beach. Minibuses, minibuses and taxis run on the same route.

2 km from Ravda is Aqua Paradise - one of the largest water attractions in Bulgaria. On an area of ​​30 decares in the park there are 20 amazing water attractions, slides, tunnels and swimming pools.

4 km away is the ancient town of Nessebar with a millennium, located on a romantic rocky peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The peninsula is 850 m long and 300 m wide.

Valuable monuments from all epochs of its millennial existence are preserved here: old fortress walls from the Roman era and the Middle Ages, Roman baths from the time of Justinian the Great (6th century), Byzantine and Old Bulgarian churches, ancient houses from the XVIII and XIX centuries.

Nessebar is the historical treasure of Bulgaria and with its well-preserved 23 churches - especially from the period XIII - XIV century, the city is called by Bulgarian and foreign researchers "Bulgarian Ravenna".

Numerous restaurants scattered through the narrow, winding streets or located near the beach are a wonderful place for relaxation and pleasant experiences. In them you can try dishes of national cuisine, fish delicacies, game, exotic cocktails and branded drinks combined with a high standard of service.

During the summer months Nessebar becomes an island of arts - throughout the summer on open stages are dance, music and theater festivals, vocal competitions - folk, pop and pop music, pop, rock and jazz performances.
A unique for Bulgaria Museum of Cinema has been established in the town of Nessebar. Its exhibition includes authentic sets and props used in various films owned by various studios or private collectors.

The expositions of the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums, which work without a day off in the summer season, are interesting.
6 km from the complex are Luna Park Sunny Beach with incredible opportunities for entertainment and extreme experiences for children and adults and Karting track "Sunny Beach" - modern and technological, combining an amazing maze of turns, chic and long straight sections, resembling some of key sections of world-famous F1 routes.

The amazingly beautiful and majestic Cape Emine (40 km north of Ravda) is an almost vertical 60-meter wall. The sea around the promontory is shallow, with hundreds of underwater rocks jutting out over the water, scattered more than 250 meters into the sea.

From its top you can see the entire coast to the north and south, dotted with coves and rocky promontories. On Cape Emine there is a meteorological station and a lighthouse built on the foundations of the medieval fortress of Emona, because of which the area was later called Paleokastro (Old Fortress).

Remains of a medieval monastery have been preserved, where monks prepared wine-elixir and transported it to merchant ships through an underground canal. There are many legends about hidden treasures, caves in the sea, where in some places fresh water springs from underground rivers.

A beautiful legend is still told about Cape Emine. Once a lighthouse keeper was an old sailor who lived here with his only and incredibly beautiful daughter. She grew up free - she swam, rode a boat, fished. The harsh sea made her strong and brave. Once in a terrible storm she saved a drowning sailor. The boy fell in love with the girl. At the parting he promised to return, but forgot the word. From morning to evening, standing on her nose, the girl waited for her lover. Finally, mad with despair, she plunged into the abyss and the waves turned purple-red. Even today, when the sun rises, the sea water around the nose turns red and reminds of the girl's deceived love.
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